Sunday, September 9, 2012


Hey,  call me A . As you can probably guess this is a weight loss blog but not like any other blog you've might of read because this 1 is like no other ... it's mine! So i should probably tell my story, to give you guys a idea of who I am. ah where to start?  So I'm 14 years old &  I have not always been overweight  as a child I’ve actually have been very petite until about 5th grade, I just started to gain weight a whole lot of weight and started to grow taller. Then I hit 190 in the middle of 8th grade . I got fed up had & reached a point in my life that just disgusted me ! How could I let myself get that big ? Well now I'm in High school (2012) I’m starting my weight loss journey, healthy living , & a path to a fitter me … September 2012 ! So here’s my problem , I’m really good at following a workout plan & eating healthy eating however I find myself falling off after like a week or two & i keep having to start over ! I tend to get really lazy out of no where, i think its when i don’t see or feel results.  But this time I'm going to go as hard as I CAN ! So i’m 180 lbs now  5ft 5 inches tall  & i want to lose 30 lbs & I want to slim down , tone  & become healthy .  I am really determined so i’ll need you guys every step of my path to success ! So yeah guys please comment, give your opinion, provide me tips , message me, ask me things & please push me everyday you can ! Thanks for your time ! ; )) Take care


  1. Best of luck on your weight loss journey.

  2. Sounds like a good plan, good luck! You can definitely do it!